Heather Schooler-Pelz

I want to send a huge shout out and thank you to Shelaine Oliver and Jason Walz from the Walz Real Estate Group for helping sell our house.

They were such a huge support in a difficult time in our lives as well as the economy.  They went well beyond what was expected of them to ensure the sale went through, from working on the offer through to possession day.  We know it wasn’t easy, but they made it feel that way.

They supported us, gave us feed back and helped get everything done when we needed the little extra help!

I would 100% recommend using them, I know I will.   Thank you


Heather Schooler-Pelz

Jennifer Barry-Weatherley

SOLD! In one day, with three offers!!

The Weatherley family is moving! A HUGE thank you to Shelaine and Jason. I cannot come up with the words to express how amazing they were and how hard they worked to get us into our new home. Especially in this crazy market when houses were sometimes selling before we could even look at them.

Shelaine and Jason were there for us 100% every single time we needed them, no matter what. If you are thinking of selling or buying, please give them a call!

Marvin Tuazon

Buying your first home is never easy. The idea of taking on the responsibility of owning a house can be overwhelming for a first time buyer. On top of that, there’s a lot of hearsay, her-say, his-say, dad-say, and mom-say that one needs to consider. Enter Jason and Shelaine.

From the beginning, they added clarity to the process and guided me in the right direction. I didn’t only get advice that I wanted to hear, but also advice I needed to hear. They were there every step of the way, which added confidence to every decision I made. I am forever grateful for the support they have given in making this big purchase. I now own a house that I can truly call my home.

Buying your first home is never easy. However, despite all the different perspectives surrounding your decision, Jason and Shelaine make sure that at the end of the day it’s all about what you say and want.

10/10. 5 Stars. Highly recommended!

Kim and Ian Shaw

“Several years back we decided to move across the country. I asked my wife to find us a realtor who could work with us for several days. Out of all the companies that we contacted only one agent called us back and that was Jason Walz. I can’t say enough good things about Jason, he worked with us for 3 days, made sure we covered the entire region, so we could make the best decision and helped find us a dream home. Our offer made from back East, was handled in a professional and caring manner. Jason answered all our questions, made us feel very comfortable with the entire process. We can’t recommend his services enough, he is a truly nice guy.”

Sally Paradis

The real estate market has been extremely tough… to say the least.  As a seller even tougher!

Shelaine and the Walz Real Estate team simply took control.  They came with all the answers, rolled up their sleeves and got to work!  The best part, they haven’t given up on me, days on market are long, with Shelaine’s support and optimizim I am confident her team will succeed!

Honestly, Shelaine is approachable, knowledgable and genuine…sellers and buyers can be selective in this tough economy why not choose the right agent to handle your sale or facilitate your purchase.  Shelaine and her team have been with me every step of the way, I would recommend her, “hands down!”

Our Clients love our service and attention to their needs in finding a home for sale and negotiating the real estate deal.

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