Property for Sale in Red Deer Top 10 Features to look for.

Are you having a hard time buying a property for sale in Red Deer? Well, you are not alone and the search can raise a lot of questions. The good news is we are up for the challenge. The answers to the questions like; what things you should watch out for? Where is the best location? How can you find out if you will get your money’s worth? Who to go to for help and advice? Which top agent is best for my family? Don’t fret we can help you with your search for property for sale in Red Deer! We will list all the vital points to look for that will help you on finding your dream property.

Property sale Red Deer Alberta

How to find property

Are you having a hard time buying a property in Red Deer? Well, you are not the only one. A lot of people struggle on finding their dream property. But what things you should watch out for? Where is the best location? How can you find out you will get your money’s worth? Who to go to for help and advice? Don’t fret! We will list down all the vital points to look for that will help you on finding your dream property.

Red Deer properties for sale

Now that you are decided to get help from an agent, it is now time to figure out what property type are you looking. One of the perks of having an agent is they a vast of resources for all type of properties for sale in Canada, specifically Red Deer. What are the types of properties? There are a lot but there are only 3 major types, Vacant Land, Residential and Commercial.

Vacant Land for sale in Red Deer

This property type maybe the least popular but it is the most versatile type of property. Vacant lands are usually quite big that can be 5- 500 acres. A vacant land has great potential as it can be transformed to a residential or commercial type. But a lot of vacant land in Red Deer is zoned agricultural or conservation area therefore make sure to be aware of the zoning. Red Deer well known used to be vacant land properties are near Sylvan Lake, Gull Lake, Deer Park, and Pine Lake.

Red Deer Residential Property for sale

The majority of property buyers are looking for new home builds.  Residential properties to build Townhouses, Detached/Semi Detached houses, Duplex/Triplex and Condominiums. Some of the top residential areas in Red Deer are Oriole Park, Aspen Ridge, Lundberg Crescent, Daniel Crescent and Clearview Ridge. Each residential area has different price ranges depending on the home values and number of house for sale in the area. Residential properties average in size from 1/3 to under 1 acre and most have services at the lot line.

rural properties in red deer

Red Deer Information

  • Mayor: Tara Veer
  • Governing body: Red Deer City Council
  • City Manager: Craig Curtis
  • MPs: Earl Dreeshen,Blaine Calkins
  • MLAs: Barb Miller,Kim Schreiner


  • Land: 104.73 km2 (40.44 sq mi)
  • Urban: 62.91 km2 (24.29 sq mi)
  • Elevation: 855 m (2,805 ft)


  • City: 100,418
  • Density: 958.8/km2 (2,483/sq mi)
  • Urban: 99,718
  • Urban density:1,585.2/km2 (4,106/sq mi)
  • Municipal census: 99,832

Red Deer Commercial Property for sale

This type of properties is specifically for properties meant to be used for business purposes only. It can be office buildings, retail shops, restaurants or manufacturing storage facility. Commercial properties are usually has higher price range compared to residential and vacant land as the worth of commercial property is based on the potential income it can generate. The Red Deer has an abundant commercial area zoning and is ideal for industrial developement.

Property Inspection

Now you that have set your eyes to a specific property, you have to make sure that all information or details listed about the property is correct. This is the time you should not be frugal. Count the property inspection as part of your investment. There a few times that buyers mind something that will greatly affects the sale. What you see is not what you always get. For example, you are buying a house or a commercial property. At first look it seems perfect but upon closer inspection you found some things like, leaky plumbing, pest and bugs around the house, roof needs repair, faulty heating system, damaged insulation, damaged septic system and faulty electrical wiring. You are not only making sure you get your money’s worth, you are also making sure that your property will be safe for everyone.

Purchasing a Property in Red Deer AB 

Buying a property is a costly investment. You do not want your hard earned money to go down the drain. Before you make any down payment, you need to make sure that the property for sale has a legal title. Have a lawyer or expert examine a copy of the title or any documentation that the seller provides. Another way to find out if a property is legal is if the seller is a bank. The bank usually does the verification first before they put any property in the market. Asking around the property is a good idea too. Sometime neighbours can reveal history about the property. You never know your property may have a negative stigma or history.

Finding the perfect property is a complex task. Don’t make sudden decisions. Take your time and be patient. A great property now maybe no longer worth investing for after months has passed. Also, do not let your emotions rule over your decisions. Contact us today to help you find foreclosures in Red Deer, call today at 403-505-0039