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Are You Ready to Invest In A Larger Home?

Are You Ready to Invest In A Larger Home? Have you outgrown your home? Are you daydreaming of a new home? At Walz Real Estate Group, trust and integrity are our number one priority. Building relationships with each of our clients is very important to us in understanding their needs. We are honored to be a leading choice for Real Estate Agents in Red Deer and Central Alberta. Customer service and attention to detail have always been extremely important. Whether you're wanting to buy or sell in Central Alberta, we would love to help you out!

We make it our number one priority to make sure your interests are being met. We're here to make your home buying process simple. Here are 5 signs you may be ready to move up in house size. If you can relate to any of them, maybe it is time to start house shopping. Central Alberta has plenty of amazing homes to offer!

  1. Your family is growing - Starter homes are great, but they can lose their appeal as your family grows. A home that used to seem like it had plenty of space, over time can seem crowded. You may need more space, a few extra bedrooms, a larger kitchen, or a different house layout.

  2. Your family needs have changed - Your family needs often change over time. If a home office is something that you miss at the moment, this could be your sign that a move may be beneficial. Do you wish you had a garage? Winter is around the corner and having your vehicle parked inside a heated garage is another wonderful reason to upgrade.

  3. Your house needs updating - Has your taste in finishing's changed over time? Is your current home dated? Do you prefer a more modern look? Maybe Living in a construction zone while your house is undergoing a renovation isn't something that interests you, you may want to consider investing in a different house.

  4. Your location and neighborhood have changed - neighborhoods change over time; perhaps you want to make sure you're in a neighborhood that is not only close to great schools but also has neighboring families that are in a similar stage of life with children or teens around the same age as yours.

  5. You want a bigger yard - Having a large enough outdoor space to accommodate your family and pets is vital. You may want a large outdoor patio, playset, or deck. A large grassy fenced backyard so your kids and dogs can play outside is a great way to enjoy your summer.

Walz Real Estate We are passionate about our clients and our community. Buying or selling a new property is a big deal. We have been a part of the Red Deer and Central Alberta community all our lives. Our vast experience in the industry and our desire to wow our clients is a great combination. Lean on our experience to get the deal done smoothly; if you are considering a move to Red Deer or Central Alberta, contact us today at 403-505-0039. Check out all of our beautiful featured listings at Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay connected for current and up-to-date industry information and trends.

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