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Acreage Living In Central Alberta

Acreage Living In Central Alberta

Does country living sound appealing? Have you outgrown your yard? Have you considered buying an acreage in Central Alberta? At Walz Real Estate, building relationships with each of our clients is very important to us in understanding their needs. Deciding to buy an acreage property is a major decision in your life, and it is extremely important that you do everything you can to achieve the best results possible. Whether you are wanting to buy or sell in Central Alberta, we would love to help you out. There are plenty of benefits of living on an acreage in Central Alberta and also some challenges to consider as well. Benefits of Acreage Living!

  • Space - The best appeal is the space that comes with acreage living. Most acreages are on large lots that are secluded and away from neighbors. This gives you the beautiful opportunity to raise your kids with plenty of space to enjoy your property in peace. In the city, privacy is difficult to find, no one wants to start their morning looking out of their bedroom window and seeing right into their neighbor's home! When you live on an acreage, you get to enjoy large amounts of space between homes and privacy from your neighbors.

  • Freedom - Acreage living has fewer restrictions and rules. Outside city limits, there are fewer zoning requirements, you can have the freedom to entertain friends and family in your larger yard. And, your furry pets will love the freedom as well!

  • Quite - Outside the city, you won't hear car alarms and city sounds from busy streets. Living in the country, you'll find quiet and solitude to enjoy the great outdoors. While city life does certainly have its benefits, it can also have consequences such as more noise, stress, and an overall more hectic lifestyle. For those who prefer a quieter, more private lifestyle with more living space, living on an acreage can be a great alternative to city life.

  • Nature - What better way to start your day than enjoying a coffee on your deck while gazing at all the beauty your property has to offer. All of the space on your acreage home site means you can put that green thumb to use and plant your own personal garden. You could even take up new hobbies like birdwatching or just being closer to nature on a daily basis.

  • Home Price - The price of acreage real estate really depends on the location. The further away you are from a city or major town, the more reasonable you can expect property prices to be. Property value goes up with an acreage, not only can you enjoy the extra land space while living in your acreage home, you can live knowing that you own a valuable resource and asset.

Acreage living does have certain challenges as well. Consider extra maintenance and upkeep costs can be more expensive than in the city. If yard maintenance isn't something you enjoy, then rural living might not be for you. In many cases, you have to be willing to do a lot of mowing, landscaping, and snow removal. When you live out in the country, everything requires a special trip into town, whether it's groceries, gas, supplies, extra-curriculars, or restaurants. If you are considering moving to an acreage, it is a big life decision! Walz Real Estate We are passionate about our clients and our community. Buying or selling a new property is a big deal. We have been a part of the Red Deer and Central Alberta community all our lives. Our vast experience in the industry and our desire to wow our clients is a great combination. Lean on our experience to get the deal done smoothly; if you are considering a move to Red Deer or Central Alberta, contact us today at 403-505-0039. Check out all of our beautiful featured listings at Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay connected for current and up-to-date industry information and trends.

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