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Aspen Ridge Real Estate offers the setting for homeowners to enjoy their everyday life in a serene environment. Situated in the Southeast part of Red Deer City at the junction of 22nd Street and 30th Avenue, Aspen Ridge offers residents an opportunity to enjoy the ultimate comfort of their new homes. Let our team of Red Deer Real Estate Agents help you find the right home at the right price.

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The home-like setting helps with maintaining the dignity, service and enthusiasm for their daily activities while new residents at Aspen Ridge are able to adapt quickly and feel an integral part of the neighbourhood.

Red Deer County is known for its natural beauty and Aspen Ridge is immersed at the centre of that beauty, while also being within short distances of an extensive range of shops and restaurants, including the famous East Hill Shopping Center as well as the Save-On Foods Restaurant. East Hill is also home to health centers and Dental Offices, Mac Donalds and the full-service restaurant known as “State & Main”. Future residents also have access to a seniors retirement lodge near their new home.

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When finding a home in Red Deer schools are usually the determining factor for most families. Red Deer schools offer quality education to thousands of students within the area. The Red Deer Public School District (RDPSD) is currently the 8th largest school system in the region. There are many different schools available to the residents, including G.W. Smith Elementary School, Eastview Middle School and Hunting Hills High School, to mention but a few.

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Aspen Ridge residents also have easy and quick access to recreational facilities such as the Balmoral Golf Course, the Heritage Ranch and other parks around Red Deer County. On site, you will get an opportunity to enjoy the area facilities and walk through the comfort of the luxurious trees that line the area streets and trees in recreational parks. The recreation areas and the amenities at Aspen Ridge have been designed to create an appealing atmosphere to reflect the home and community, and to support social activities.

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Aspen Ridge boasts different types of properties, including townhouses, apartments condos, and single family homes. You can also find quaint bungalows and apartment buildings that suit almost any buyer. Many houses for sale in Aspen Ridge Red Deer are updated with elegant fixtures and finishes that are trendy at the moment.

For prospective homebuyers who want to live in a supportive community in a safe and peaceful environment, Aspen Ridge is a great place that offers magnificent homes at an affordable price. You can find many wonderful homes or houses for sale in convenient locations around the area, so you are sure to find the perfect home to suit you and your family.

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