FOR SALE BY OWNER FSBO RED DEER ALBERTA –  Why you should avoid unregulated real estate Deals.

If you’re shopping around for property and are tempted by the for sale by owner in Red Deer  the following information is for you. Find out why you’re far better off purchasing a property through a registered realtor.   We have heard about deals that have gone south in a hurry and everyone loses because of the unregulated for sale by owners  in Red Deer.

For sale by owner Red Deer

Top reasons to avoid for sale by owner deal in Red Deer AB

For sale by owners are usually on “fishing expeditions” …seeing if it will sell at an inflated price.  One of the main reasons why it’s well worth avoiding trying to purchase a property directly from a homeowner is that a high percentage of homeowners who attempt to sell properties for a higher price than the market value.

As property owners have less experience in the property market and don’t have experience selling Red Deer Country properties. Whereas experienced local realtors, have sold hundreds of properties and know the market value from historical data realistically pricing properties. So if you want to pay a fair price for real estate in Red Deer, you’re far better off dealing with a realtor, than a private homeowner.

Negotiated a Red Deer for sale by owner deal

Another reason why it’s well worth avoiding purchasing property directly from homeowners is that it can be extremely tricky to negotiate deals with a homeowner.    Home owners have emotional ties to the property and take the geogiation proces personally. As an example, if you want to offer a lower price than a homeowner would like, due to the fact that their home may need major renovations, you may feel uncomfortable telling a homeowner that their home requires an overhaul. In fact, if you are honest about the renovations which a home may require, the homeowner may be so offended, that they may refuse to sell you their property.    Whereas if you make an offer on a home through a real estate agent, you won’t have to worry about offending the owner of the property which you’re interested in purchasing. As your realtor will act as the middleman between yourself and the current owner of the property, and negotiate the deal without emotional ties.

Market Value of for sale by owner

If you choose to deal with an estate agent, they’ll be able to show you similar properties in different areas.  If an estate agent shows you a property which ticks most of your boxes, you’ll be able to ask your agent to show you similar properties in different areas of Red Deer such as Pine Lakeor  Deer Park Agent can gather this information in minutes saving you hours and hours of searching. Remember, that even if you fall in love with the first home which you view, it’s a great idea to tour a few more properties, to ensure that you end up making an offer on the right home for your family.

Lawyers are not Realtors

If you don’t make an offer for a home, through a realtor, you’ll have to rely on your chosen lawyer to ensure that your property contract is sound. Lawyers will not come to your home to offer a valid market opinion.  Most lawyers are so busy that they will not even look at the feature and the quality of the home. Typically if you choose to purchase a property from a private homeowner, your legal bills will be higher than if you were to negotiate a deal for a property through a real estate agent.  Realtors are a set commission, lawyers have a very large hourly rate that seems to never end.

Red Deer Information

  • Mayor: Tara Veer
  • Governing body: Red Deer City Council
  • City Manager: Craig Curtis
  • MPs: Earl Dreeshen,Blaine Calkins
  • MLAs: Barb Miller,Kim Schreiner


  • Land: 104.73 km2 (40.44 sq mi)
  • Urban: 62.91 km2 (24.29 sq mi)
  • Elevation: 855 m (2,805 ft)


  • City: 100,418
  • Density: 958.8/km2 (2,483/sq mi)
  • Urban: 99,718
  • Urban density:1,585.2/km2 (4,106/sq mi)
  • Municipal census: 99,832

Red Deer For sale by owners Contracts

A realtor will be able to customize the clauses in your purchasing contract, in order to suit your individual circumstance. As an example, if you’d like to move into your chosen property as soon as possible, your agent will be able to write a clause in your property contract, which states the exact date, which you intend to move into your new property.   Most deals have hours and hours of back and forward paper worth , sign backs, negotiations and phone calls. Just imagine paying a lawyer those fees.

Alternatively, if you would like your offer on a property, to be conditional on selling your current property, your realtor will also be able to help you make a legal offer on a property, which features such a clause.  Homeowners who opt to sell their home without a realtor are often looking to cut corners Most homeowners who opt to sell their homes without a realtor do so as they’re looking to cut corners and are unwilling to spend the necessary money to market and sell their home for a fair price.

So if you’re still looking to purchase the perfect Red Deer property, it’s a wise idea to avoid for sale by owners in Red Deer. Choose one of our professional realtors and give yourself piece of mind Call us today at 403-505-0039