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Walz Real Estate Group, your premier Real Estate Agents Red Deer Alberta

Looking to buy or sell a home in Red Deer County? Making the decision to buy, sell or invest in property is a major decision in your life, and it is extremely important that you do everything you can to achieve the best result possible. While it isn’t a must, hiring real estate agents Red Deer to help you every step of the way could be the best decision you’ve ever made.

Red Deer Real Estate Agents with experience and market knowledge

Our team of professional , experienced real estate agents will be able to sell your home more quickly and for a better price.The team of Jason Walz and Shelaine Oliver understand and read the market  extremely well. They know exactly where everyone is on playing field. From lenders, to home inspectors, lawyers, title firms, etc, your real estate agent is the one moving the transaction forward and giving all the parties all the information necessary throughout the process.

How to find the right real estate agent in Red Deer.

Whether you are buying or selling a property, hiring a Red Deer real estate agent to help you throughout the process is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

If you are buying a Red Deer home or investing in commercial real estate here, real estate professionals will guide you through each and every step of the process. If you’re selling your home, they will employ effective marketing strategies to ensure your property sells quickly and for the most money.

Why Real estate Agents save you money when purchasing a home in Red Deer.

Real estate agents pay large fees to obtain access to the Red Deer real estate board, where are the current listings are updated. This access to the latest information is important in making the right real estate decisions at the right time. Timing is everything in real estate deals. Our agents get notified when new listings hit the market and can relay this info to our clients immediately. Our real estate professionals will get you the latest listings that fit your criteria and this allows you to make quick and informed decisions. Online real estate websites like Zillow or Zoocasa are always delayed and usually a good deal is sold by the time it hits those 3rd party websites. Our realtors know what to expect even before anything happens. This allows you and your real estate agent to strategize before negotiations, which could result in huge savings for you.

How Real Estate Agents make your life easier.

Human beings are naturally emotional and we often find ourselves making decisions depending on our emotions. This is particularly true when it comes to something we have greatly invested in and are emotionally attached to. That’s why it’s so easy to get angry during negotiations.  Fortunately, Red Deer real estate agents understand the purpose of negotiations and try to ensure there is a win-win situation for both the seller and buyer.

Our agents are able to drive the negotiations forward without any emotions. This is extremely important when buying and selling homes and this one of the main benefits of hiring an  real estate agent. When you’re buying a home or selling one, you will need an experienced agent who will help keep emotions out of the way.

Advantages of working with a Real Estate Agent in Red Deer.

If you’re looking to buy a home in Red Deer, AB or the surrounding areas, a real estate agent will put you at a great advantage. With a realtor, you will be among the first people to know about a new home for sale in a highly sought-after neighborhood.

Remember, you are competing against many other buyers. Professional real estate agents are constantly informing their clients the moment a new home for sale is listed on the market. So not working with an agent can put you at a huge disadvantage as a home buyer.

When looking to invest in property in Red Deer, you also want to work with a realtor who is notifying their clients the moment new properties are listed.

Our Real Estate Agent Blog

Odds are you’re not selling and buying homes on a daily basis or always exposed to real estate market, issues and various situations. This is where an updated real estate blog comes into play. The best real estate offices and realtors have online websites where they address different issues on their blog. Here, you will also learn how to choose the best mortgage brokers if you’re trying to finance your home purchase. That’s why they try to keep you informed on the latest trends in the real estate market using the facts and figures in Red Deer and your local area.

If you are trying to sell a home, there are many home improvements that can help add value to your home. With these home improvements, you can make your property stand out much better than others. Here in Red Deer and the surrounding areas, properties sell faster when they are priced appropriately. When you property stands out, it will attract more buyers and if priced appropriately, you will get more offers.

When purchasing a home, there are number of things that should happen in order to achieve your goals.  You will want to use a mortgage calculator in order to get the best deal possible. You’ll also want to work with a realtor when it comes to property management to ensure the best return on your investment. Realtors can offer this and much more!

Red Deer Info

• Mayor: Tara Veer
• Governing body: Red Deer City Council
• City Manager: Craig Curtis
• MPs: Earl Dreeshen,Blaine Calkins
• MLAs: Barb Miller,Kim Schreiner

• Land: 104.73 km2 (40.44 sq mi)
• Urban: 62.91 km2 (24.29 sq mi)
• Elevation: 855 m (2,805 ft)

• City: 100,418
• Density: 958.8/km2 (2,483/sq mi)
• Urban: 99,718
• Urban density:1,585.2/km2 (4,106/sq mi)
• Municipal census: 99,832

Red Deer Alberta Real Estate Agents.

With so much money at stake, you don’t want to make any costly mistakes when selling or buying a home. Buying and selling property with a real estate Central agent reduces the chances of making mistakes, particularly because there are many regulations in place for firms and agents.  If there is anything wrong with the paperwork, your real estate Central Alberta firm will ensure that it’s corrected. This will have a huge impact on your transaction.

Some people assume that the attorney will handle everything. For anyone who doesn’t understand how real estate works, this makes some sense.  Nonetheless, everyone can make mistakes and there are instances where you could end up with missing forms or signatures. Your Red Deer real estate agent will be there to protect you throughout the home buying or selling process.

If you are buying a home in Red Deer, choosing the right real estate agent is a great resource to have on your side. On the other hand, selling a house without an agent is a very risky mistake. Not only are you at risk of making less money on your home sale, you are risking legality problems that you cannot imagine. Real estate agents know effective strategies to sell your home faster and for much more money!

When you are a smart buyer or seller, you end up making informed decisions for one of the most important investments or sales in your life. If you are considering buying or selling a home in Red Deer, or want more information about your neighborhood, don’t hesitate to contact a Red Deer real estate agent today!

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Marvin Tuazon

“Buying your first home is never easy. The idea of taking on the responsibility of owning a house can be overwhelming for a first time buyer. On top of that, there’s a lot of hearsay, her-say, his-say, dad-say, and mom-say that one needs to consider. Enter Jason and Shelaine.”



Kim and Ian Shaw

“Several years back we decided to move across the country. I asked my wife to find us a realtor who could work with us for several days. Out of all the companies that we contacted only one agent called us back and that was Jason Walz. “


Sally Paradis

The real estate market has been extremely tough… to say the least.  As a seller even tougher! Shelaine and the Walz Real Estate team simply took control.



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